3 Oct 2017


Job Description

SALES CENTRE TEAM LEADER – Distribution, Lusaka, Zambia

The Primary function of the Sales Center Team Leader is to oversee the operation to ensure accurate and quality communication with Members and internal staff members. Responsible for monitoring and influencing performance, as well as generating and maintaining good morale of direct reports. Managing service levels within the Team as well as personally providing a service for our Members. The Team Leaders conduct must set an example of excellence in both Member and colleague interactions. This role also includes close working partnerships with other key Business Stakeholders to ensure bridging at all levels is 100% achieved to enable effective communication with Members and internally.



Reporting To: Regional Sales Center Manager
Supervision Of: Team Members
Interacts With: Clients, Customers, Stakeholders


Based on the activity forecast for the Sales Center, taking into account of holidays and sickness factors, to draw up schedule of working hours for your direct reports. Monitoring Team performance to assist in providing accurate headcount, regular hours and overtime reports.
To be able to effectively plan and manage your daily diary in order to fully meet individual & Sales center objectives. Supervising activities and monitoring customer service levels being provided to Members by staff. Keeping the Member Services Manager informed at all times by highlighting any change in performance immediately. Flagging any potential delay in meeting deadlines or targets agreed upon and informing the Member Services Manager of any exceptions or incidents that may have a negative
Educate, coach, motivate and influence your direct reports positively by setting a good example of high standards, discipline and behavior. Ensure each member of the team is given the skills and knowledge to provide efficient and accurate service. Conducting regular meetings (group & individual)to update on new information and changes in work processes, providing the MS manager with necessary feedback.
Instruct and evaluate staff by preparing company forms and documents as required for role/performance evaluation, corrective counseling or disciplinary action and status changes. Keeping an accurate and comprehensive filling system of pertinent documents, correspondence and reports.
Do Ad hoc projects and tasks as required by management.
Provide customer service of the highest standard both internally and externally, following up on issues in a professional and timely manner.
Showing understanding of and ensuring that agreed upon service levels, targets and deadlines are met.
Provide innovative ideas or solutions to enhance efficiency and performance of the Sales Center Team and where possible giving consideration to reducing the cost center expenditure
Establish an extensive knowledge of the Sales and Marketing Plan, whilst maintaining a high level of understanding of the Company’s operating systems, best enabling the effective implementation of the Member Services Policies and Procedures.
Administer Company procedures whilst conforming to company policies, practices and regulations. Maintaining constant watch for any safety problems or unsafe practices in the work area, adhering to Health and Safety policies and Security Protocols.
Look to identify staff of high potential to fulfill Supervisors role in the future, Developing and training these staff through a comprehensive succession planning model.
The Sales Center Team Leader is responsible for the daily running of the Sales Center. Communicating directly with senior management where necessary to ensure business objectives and service level commitments to Members are met.
Supervise the day to day Warehouse and Logistics activities within the Sales Center while monitoring customer service levels being provided to Members by staff members and ensuring set service target levels are met. Conducts regular meetings with direct reports to update them on new information and changes in the work process. Constantly focus on communication and information as these are critical areas. Assist Sales Center Manager/Member Services Manager in developing and maintaining performance
Supervise and participate as required in fulfilling Member orders (NTSs) as outlined on the pick slip in a fast, accurate and professional manner.Handover of orders is done directly to Members in a friendly, polite and service orientated manner. Updates orders in order system in a timely manner.Is responsible for ensuring all Policy and Procedures are followed with regard to warehouse and inventory operations.
Supervise and participate as required in the processing of all incoming logistic/shipment complaints and inquiries from the Members. Ensure all inquiries are processed in a fast, accurate and professional manner ensuring feedback to the Member in the shortest amount of time. Maintains in contact with our service providers to ensure and maintain a good working relationship. Approves replacement shipments (ATSs) for missing or damaged goods or pick up for over shipped orders. Maintains and updates st
Ensures department is always adequately staffed and that adequate planning is in place to cover peak periods trying to avoid unnecessary overtime. Is further responsible for vacation planning and conducting both quarterly and yearly employee reviews. Utilize the support of other teams within Member Services at month end to support the sales activity. Constantly seek ways of improving service and processes within the department and create an environment of continual improvement. Evaluate and deter
Prepare a variety of company forms and documents as required for job evaluations, performance appraisals, change in status and other actions.Carries out all administrative work accurately and on time, meeting set deadlines and preparing the necessary documentation in a neat, accurate and professional manner. Follows and adheres to the prescribed filing / archiving guidelines.
Position must possess excellent knowledge on the Sales & Marketing Plan and Product Information. Constantly keeps all knowledge up to date and ensure direct reports are kept up to date. Position consults helps and supports members even during peak periods. Follows the escalation / complaints procedure (HCM) guidelines for all instances of customer contact where a complaint occurs or where there is a lack either of knowledge or information to resolve at point of contact.
Takes active participation and supports the entire Sales Center Team, which includes sharing skills, information and knowledge. Behavior, conduct and appearance conforms professionally with the guidelines set in all aspects. Position will be required from time to time to assist in other areas of the Sales Center and/or Member Services. Position is also required to work as required during both local and corporate events and meetings, which includes weekends.
Coach own team in their daily customer service skills, organizing side-by-side coaching with a minimum target of 2 hrs per Representative per month to be driven by the Individual Training Plan and regular ongoing observations
Provide effective training on a wide range of topics to Members to improve member knowledge on all relevant policies, Sales and Marketing Plan, etc.Be involved in gathering information and setting up curriculum for member training and up education.
Visit locations, such as Fit clubs, Nutrition Clubs, Distributors central offices, Weight Loss Challenges, Opportunity Meeting, Quick Start training etc. for new MB. Also host a new MB Welcome Meeting in region for all new MB starting. Conduct recognition visits and phone calls to new qualifiers.
Organize and lead conference calls, meetings & training in designated region.
Regular field reports to be completed within 48 hours of visit and send to Senior Sales & Marketing Manager and Sales Center Manager/Member Services Manager and any other relevant personnel for actions and awareness.
Support Facility Management. Ensure that facility has the most suitable working environment for the employees. This includes safety of the staff and members, security of the premises and assets (inventory, equipment, etc) and maintenance that may be required from time to time. Ensure that all OHS requirements are met and that regular OHS meetings are held and all findings are reported to the responsible person at Head Office.
Responsible for maintaining a professional look and feel in the center. Ensure all areas are clean and safe for member use (waste bins emptied regularly, files stored away, etc). Quarterly and annually review all branding and display material and report findings back to Marketing department for potential changes.
Responsible to identify, engage and secure service providers and enter into negotiations for the most appropriate rate and service ensuring that the partnership is mutually beneficial and in alignment with corporate requirements and best practice. Always ensuring as far as possible to keep branch expenditure reasonable and to a minimum.
Responsible for identifying, receiving and actioning any and all system and/or equipment faults to the correct authority to ensure all is repaired / reestablished/ restored in the fastest time to ensure minimal impact to staff and Members. Responsible when impact is severe and directly effecting Member experience to manage the expectations of the Members and align the staff (team) by leading by example to step up and deliver excellence throughout and to resolution.
Responsible to oversee and be of support with that of your team to all regions/sister centers countrywide and surrounds that form part of your scope of responsibility or when instructed to by the Regional Sales Center Manager. Including and not limited to, support with Member Services, Warehouse related, day to day running and the cost center accountability to ensure all deliverable are achieved and Distributors in these regions experience superior customer service.
Responsible for ensuring balanced bank reconciliation are presented to finance on a daily basis.


Experience: 3 years
Education Level: Certificate Level
Qualifications: Job related
Software: Excellent knowledge of MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Equipment: None
Knowledge Of: Change Management; exceptional customer care track record
Skills To: Desire and passion to exceed customer expectations and challenge continually to make a positive difference to the team, internal customers and Members; Strong leadership skills with flexibility to lead with various styles
Ability To: Handle a variety of tasks and be able to prioritize; handling direct customer contact and resolving conflict; effectively train members and staff on a wide range of topics
Personality: Strong team player; Highly self-motivated with the ability to instill passion and motivation among the team
Other: Site visits to members to build relationships and provide support to Field Sales team; Flexibility and willingness to travel is essential; Experience in working in an international environment and with people from different cultural backgrounds


Industry: Distribution
Culture: Customer focused
Gender Profile: Mixed
Age Profile: Any years of age


Employment: Permanent
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Nationals Only: Yes
Remuneration Between 8,500 and 9,500 ZMK
– in USD Between $876 and $979 USD
Currency conversions are provided only for comparative purposes.
Remuneration will be paid in ZMK.

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