3 Oct 2017


Job Description

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Work Place: Lusaka


The purpose of this role is to develop and execute multi-channel brand marketing and promotional programs that support brand growth. This position is responsible for through retail branding, event activation and event branding to increasing target consumer awareness of the Brand, as well as increasing market share through customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation.


  1. Develop a strong integrated branding team. Ensure best brand exposure on the retail and event.
  2. Responsible for retail branding inclusive of dealer branding, shop branding, supermarket branding, tent branding, wall branding, bus branding and so on.
  3. Responsible for event branding, event coordinate inclusive roadshow, event activation, event promotion and sponsorship.
  4. Ensure more brand exposure in the market increase brand awareness and brand image in the market.
  5. Plan, strategies and execute marketing designs and activities to establish and maintain brand presence in the market not limit socially useful activity, Sponsorship etc.
  6. Responsible for marketing material management, production and delivery. Keep good relationship with our production agency and supplier.
  7. Collect different marketing material from market and creative, design and produce marketing material for different channels and market.


  1. Strong branding background
  2. Possess strong product and system knowledge
  3. Possess good communications, writing and analytical skills
  4. Computer Literacy, Proficient in Excel, and Microsoft Word


  • A graduate With degree in marketing from a recognized university a 3-5 years working experience in and branding and marking with proven achievements.

Language: English


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